I’ve loved real estate since before I can remember. I grew up going to open houses every Sunday with my mom. In college, I became the go-to apartment-hunter amongst my friends, scouring websites and forums for the best places. Today, finding homes is my career. I love helping people find their safe haven. It’s not my job to “sell” someone on a home, but to help them find the one. You know it when you find it.
As a CPA and former public accountant, I naturally love numbers. Studying the market is my other favorite part of this job. I believe there is a fair price for everything, and I fight to get that for my clients on either side of the deal.
I currently live in Wicker Park, and I adore my neighborhood. You can find me running on the 606, sitting outside at Big Star, or trying new wines at Joe’s Wine Cellar.
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